Bag in box. Cardboard container for liquids

A different vision of the traditional Bag In Box that offers the possibility of differentiating itself from other products by projecting a new and disruptive image, sometimes daring and carefree and on other occasions totally classic.

Our special containers for multiform Bag in boxes are patented and are original, exclusive and customizable with capacities of 2 and 3L for the Multiform and 3, 5 and 10L for the Classic. Ideal for wines, spirits, oils, juices and liquids that a Bag in Box can contain.

Bag in box patented by Rovellosa


Bag In Box exclusives


Our original and exclusive packaging, all of them patented, special for Multiform and Classic BIBs, with capacities of 2 and 3L for the Multiform and 3, 5 and 10L for the Classic. All of them with the tap already positioned, ready to serve. Custom designs according to specific needs.

  • Octagonal Bag In Box
  • Irregular Octagonal Bag In Box
  • Bag In Box Rectangular
  • Irregular Rectangular Bag In Box
  • Bag In Box Tetrahedral Bag
  • Bag in Box Classic Window
  • Bag in Box Classic Corner

Advantages of Bag In Box


The use of sustainable and recyclable materials makes the Bag Box an ecological container with a reduced carbon footprint. Original and exclusive design

  • Low weight and easily transportable
  • Customizable in aesthetics
  • Ideal measurements for refrigerator shelves
  • Fully self-assembling
  • Includes a cardboard or cord handle for easy transport
  • Original, exclusive and customizable shapes of 2 and 3L the Multiforma and the 3, 5 and 10L the Classic.
  • Interchangeable caps as a label and back label, as if it were a bottle of wine
  • FSC certification

Graphic design for our Bag In Box packaging


All the Bag in Box in our catalog are customizable in graphic design. If you do not have a design department, we put our team at your disposal.

  • Finishes in stamping, screen printing, plastic coating or varnishing
  • With caps in the shape of personalized front and back labels
  • Design team at your disposal
  • Ability to collaborate with your design or marketing team
  • 3D application to see the design results before starting production

Uses of the Bag in Box


Bag in Box containers designed to contain Wines, Spirits, Oils, and all kinds of liquids suitable for Bag in Box.

  • Ideal to give as a gift and to share in a group

View the results in 3D before starting production


With our 3D application you will be able to see the design results to verify that everything is correct before starting production.

What is a Bag in Box?


Bag in box is a cardboard container for liquids, using a bag made up of several sheets that protect the product from oxidation and a valve that facilitates dosing.

  • It incorporates a tap to serve the liquid and prevent the entry of air into the bag
  • Bag designed conceived to prolong the life of liquid products
  • Preservation of the product from the first use

Bag in Box assembly system by Rovellosa.

Assembly system for Rovellosa Gràfica's Bag in Box packaging. Fully self-assembling and with the same performance as the other systems made with semi-automatic Bag in Box filling machines.