Bag in tube. Cardboard packaging for liquids

Bag In Tube is a tube-shaped packaging, using a container bag for liquids and semi-liquids for products such as wine, spirits, high-quality olive oils and even juices and water. With capacities of 1.75, 2 and 3 liters.

  • It incorporates a tap to serve the liquid and prevent the entry of air into the bag
  • Bag designed to prolong the life of liquid products
  • Preservation of the product from the first use

Bag in tube by Rovellosa


Personalized Bag in tube


The Bag in tube are fully customizable, either in our design department or in your agency.

  • 3 possible handle models, including FSC paper
  • Generic and customizable metal and cardboard covers.
  • Both for large productions and small runs
  • 3D application to see the design results before starting production
  • Digital printing of sheets for small productions and market prospecting.

Professional printing techniques


We put our team at your disposal to advise you throughout the printing process, techniques and finishes.

  • Digital / Offset printing
  • Professional printing techniques
  • Hot stamping
  • Use of special engravings
  • Serigraphic relief
  • Varnishes
  • Special die-cuts
  • Relief and dry blow (emboss, deboss)

Advantages of Bag in Tube


The use of sustainable and recyclable materials makes the Bag-In-Tube an ecological container with a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80%
  • Reduction of waste, thanks to its recyclable components
  • Extends the life of the product, protecting it from oxidation and light
  • Customizable in aesthetics, such as size, volume, and capacity
  • High quality tube printing
  • Low weight and easily transportable

Uses of the Bag in Tube


The Bag in Tubes are suitable for containing Wines, Spirits, Oils, and all kinds of liquids through bags suitable for Bag in Tube.

  • Ideal to give as a gift and to share in a group

View the results in 3D before starting production


With our 3D application you will be able to see the design results to verify that everything is correct before starting production.